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With its prime location on the famous Corniche coastal road in the centre of Alexandria, this luxury hotel affords its guests the perfect combination of sightseeing starting point and Mediterranean sea views. Among the enviable amenities, the hotel has its own private beach, an exclusive wellness facility and panorama rooftop terrace. Alexandria traces its history back almost 2,500 years and world famous sights such as the Library of Alexandria reopened 2002 and many of the city's impressive museums are easily reached from the hotel. Golfers wanting to take advantage of the year round good weather will find the 18 holes at the Alexandria Sporting Club well worth the 20 kilometre trip. The club is one of the country's oldest and its links a genuine oasis.

Helnan Palestine Hotel is a five star, deluxe hotel with a unique location on Montazah's fine beach with its calm waters where the waves wash the golden sands and surrounded by the vast magnificent gifts of nature, 350 acres of formal gardens. Facing the Montaza Royal Palace that was once the site of the late Egyptian Royal Family's Summer Palace.Unique location on Montazah's fine beach with its calm waters where the waves wash the golden sands and surrounded by the vast magnificent gifts of nature, former gardens. Facing the Montaza Royal Palace that was once the site of the late Egypt.

Four Seasons at San Stefano hotel is the legendary setting that indulges all its guests in the glamour of royal retreat. Conveniently set with in easy reach to most of the prominent places of the city, Four Seasons at San Stefano hotel, is the most favorable accommodation options in Alexandria, Egypt.

As one of Alexandria's boutique landmark hotels, Le Metropole was built in 1902 by Italian & Greek architects, resulting in an outstanding example of 18th century architecture. Recently renovated, the hotel is an historical jewel preserved amidst the vitality of modern Alexandria. The hotel is resplendent with columns, fer forge, gold leaf and sumptuous furnishings. High ceiling guest rooms exude spaciousness and comfort, while the distinctive "Les Ambassadeurs" restaurant serves French and Mediterranean cuisine in a distinguished settings. The splendid "Versailles Hall" is an unforgettable venue for receptions and meetings, melding a unique blend of Egyptian hospitality and old world European elegance.

" ALL PRICES MENTIONED IN OUR SYSTEM ARE VALID ONLY LEISURE TRAVELERS AND PRICES ARE NOT VALID FOR CONFERENCES, MEETINGS, CONVENTIONS ... ECT"Alexandria is a place where both the mystery of the glorious past of Egypt and the modern lifestyle co-exist. If you want to enjoy both these two aspects of Alexandria then stay as a guest of the Kaoud Sporting Hotel in Alexandria. Excellent Hotel Amenities and Services at Kaoud Sporting Hotel in Alexandria will make your stay at Alexandria a memory to cherish throughout your life.At this hotel you would get 100 suites and rooms and the Room Facilities at Kaoud Sporting Hotel in Alexandria that you can enjoy in any of these rooms are better than that offered by the other Hotels in Alexandria in Egypt. As a guest of this hotel you must not miss the opportunities of dining at the wonderful restaurants of the hotel. Rababa Coffee, the caf� of the hotel not only offers more than 70 kinds of drinks and snacks but this is also a famous Shisha Bar giving you a totally new experience of smoking. If you visit the hotel during summer then you would see that the caf� is extended outdoors so that you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the sea.Kaoud Restaurant is another eatery offered by the hotel. This is located on the first floor and any one would love to have a meal here because the large windows of the restaurant provide the direct view of the grand sea. Beautifully decorated Haroon El-Rasheed is another place where you can have your meals. The USP of this restaurant is here you will not only get authentic Egyptian cuisines but also a large choice of seafood and international cuisines too.The Location of Kaoud Sporting Hotel in Alexandria is so good that business men prefer this to any other hotel as the venue of their meetings or for any other events like the launch of a product. The hotel authorities give special attention towards this need of the business guests and therefore you would find two huge halls in the hotel. The Festivity Hall is a large hall accommodating about 120 people. Here the walls are covered with large mirrors and therefore the beauty of the sea is not missed.You can surprise your companion by organizing his/her birthday party at this hall or plan to celebrate your wedding anniversary in style at this room. Wonderful sound system, professional DJs and the expert event management team of the hotel make all parties successful. Another hall is the Conference Hall where you can organize your business meeting, training program or a week long business conference. This hall is ideal for 100 people at a time and comes equipped with all the necessary equipments.Hotel Amenities and Services at Kaoud Sporting Hotel in Alexandria further include a business center where you can get all the services like photocopying, fax, internet access and secretarial help.

Amoun hotel location goes back to the historical Ancient Alexandria, being located on the south border of the ancient pharos island, where was the pharos lighthouse situated, nearby the Hypastadion, which was a 1300 meters long bridge connecting Pharos island with the rest of Ancient Alexandria, around the time of hypatia. Amoun Hotel is distinguished by its unique panoramic view from its roof of the long beautiful coastal areas of The Mediterranean which extends from The fort of Quiet- bay till bibliotheca Alexandrina and in between the eastern harbor, telling the whole story of Ancient Alexandria.Amoun Hotel is classified as a three stars supreme hotel, as a clarification of his clear vision about the history and the potentials of this unique location in the great city Alexandria, being close to an array of many exciting commercial and touristic attractions.||

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