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Frasers Silverpark Resort is your home away from the stress of modern life. It is a place you can simply relax, put up your feet and let the cool crisp mountain air caress all your worldly cares away. Relax, unwind. The highland sanctuary you have been seeking is now yours to enjoy. Frasers Silverpark Resort is one up on details so that you can savour nature's tranquility in comfort. Blessed with the exquisite beauty of nature, Frasers Silverpark Resort is certainly the ideal highland getaway.

The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant in Fraser s Hill evokes all the charm of the English countryside. An easy drive from Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh the Smokehouse hotel is a serene getaway from city life. The ambience of this hotel will whisk you away to a more leisurely and tranquil time. Enjoy the wonderful traditional English breakfast, tea in the gardens with scones, cream and strawberry jam, and dinner in one of the finest restaurant in the Highlands. Enjoy a drink by the fireplace and relax to the soothing sounds of nature, peace and tranquility.

Within the great expanse of nature, lies the Mutiara Taman Negara Resort, overlooking the Tembeling and Tahan rivers. Endless opportunities awaits the adventurer. At Mutiara Taman Negara Resort, you can choose from cosy timber bungalows and rustic chalets equipped with all the comforts of home, to dormitory-style accommodation; or get even closer to nature by setting up tent at the camping site! The facilities at the Mutiara Taman Negara Resort are quite sophisticated considering the isolated location. There is a range of hostel, chalet and bungalow accommodation with most of it being constructed of timber so that it blends into the adjoining rainforest. There are also several hides within the park and these have bunks for comfortable overnight stays. These hides are rustic structures located adjacent to swamps rich in minerals. Many animals living in the park visit these salt licks to obtain minerals to supplement their diets. The animals graze unaware that tourist are hiding and watching their every move.A trip to Taman Negara can be as relaxed or as energetic as you like. The facilities in the park provide for the varied requirements of visitors. The chalets were perfect as there were no televisions or phones to disturb my slumber.Visit and enjoy Taman Negara as there are few rainforest experiences in the world quite like it. The Mutiara Taman Negara Resort places great emphasis on conversation with the principal message being-leave the park as you found it so that generations of adventurous travelers will be able to appreciate the many wonders of this rainforest wonderland. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but your footprints.

The Rainforest Resort Taman Negara in Pahang is a perfect getaway from the city where nature and tranquility awaits you in the most unique setting. The Rainforest Resort Taman Negara is surrounded by lush tropical greenery with a rumbling sound of the river nearby providing natural background music.With its cool surrounding and a captivating view, the Rainforest Resort Taman Negara is a place to retreat all year round. For your utmost comfort, the resort offers the best facilities for your exiting holiday experience.The Rainforest Resort Taman Negara arranges excursions and adventure tours to the various places of interest. One of the highlights of the stay in Rainforest Resort is jungle trekking at Bukit Terasek and the popular canopy walk that is suspended 40 meters above ground. The national Park is also a favored spots of anglers. Fresh water fishing is best done in the drier months of February to April and June to August. Taman Negara also attracts bird watchers. More than 300 species of birds has been reported in Taman Negara, among them, fishing eagle, kingfishers, hornbills, and fireback pheasants. Come unwind amidst nature’s rustic setting and experience rejuvenating recreational activities. The Rainforest Resort Taman Negara in Pahang Malaysia is ideal for those looking for a back-to-nature retreat –The Rainforest Resort Taman Negara is the place that spells peace and tranquility.

Overlooking the South China Sea, these 12 distinctive Malaysian boutique villas combine rustic and traditional malay-style architecture with modern conveniences.Eastern Pavilion Boutiquee Resort and Spa is one of the most famous and popular Hotels in Malaysia.

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